D. Warren

I was referred to Tim and Justin by another small business here in town.  I had a bankruptcy several years ago, but I was really looking to grow my transportation company.  However, with the rates local banks were offering me, it just didn’t make for a profitable endeavor.  I called The Edge Capital and was able to workout a deal to purchase new equipment I needed after just a few quick discussions.  That initial deal went so well, I have actually gone back to them for additional funding of equipment and land.  Each time we were able to agree on a deal that made it easy for my business to grow profitably.  I have done a lot of business with them over the last several years and will continue to do so in the future.   My business is currently on pace to show a 30% increase in revenues year over year and I believe The Edge Capital  has played a big party in helping me achieve this success.  They are a great partner and have help guide me with sound professional advice.  I would absolutely recommend them to anyone small business!