How Your Small Business Can Combat Inflation

how small businesses can combat inflation

It’s impossible to turn on the television or visit the grocery store without hearing about inflation in 2022. The inflation rate in the United States is 7.75%, which tells us that the high consumer prices we are seeing today will be doubled in less than 10 years. How does inflation impact small businesses? Small business […]

How Will The Current Rising Interest Rates Impact Your Small Business?

how rising interest rates and soaring inflation affect small business owners

With the pandemic and lockdowns in the rear-view mirror, small business owners and their bookkeepers alike were looking forward to a period of economic recovery. However, their resilience has been tested in the face of rising interest rates and soaring inflation. Policymakers opened Pandora’s box of sorts when they pumped the economy with stimulus. Now, […]

How To Avoid Online Credit Card Fraud

If you have ever shopped online, then you might know about some of the dangers associated with online purchasing and online credit card fraud. If you are not careful, you could end up being a victim of online fraud, which could leave you with a large bill to pay of items that you have not […]