How to Create Financial Projections for Your Small Business in 2023

How to Create Financial Projections for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, preparing financial projections may seem like a herculean task; however, if you can create financial statements for your business, making financial projections will not be daunting. Financial projections are crucial to managing your business. A financial projection refers to a form of bookkeeping of the expected revenue, cashflows, and expenses […]

Pro tips on how to get your business financially organized in 2023

Pro tips on small business financial organization for tax reporting

Ensuring your business’s finances are in order is one of your key responsibilities as a business owner. Organizing everything relating to your business finance involves some processes that can easily consume the time you need to run your business. This is because there are multiple payables and receivables that need to be dealt with all […]

How Your Small Business Can Combat Inflation

how small businesses can combat inflation

It’s impossible to turn on the television or visit the grocery store without hearing about inflation in 2022. The inflation rate in the United States is 7.75%, which tells us that the high consumer prices we are seeing today will be doubled in less than 10 years. How does inflation impact small businesses? Small business […]

Financial Reporting for Small Business Owners

financial reporting for small business - cash flow - balance sheet - income statement preparation

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. Whether you run a dentist’s office, a mobile car detailing operation, or an international shipping business, financial health must remain a priority. The key to understanding what’s happening with your business and taking the right steps to optimize performance is an efficient financial reporting process.   What […]